Uniquely beautiful firelighters for home fireplaces, camping, glamping, and general fire-lighting purposes.

These firelighters work exactly like our camping/survival lighters, and are just as easy and reliable… they just happen to look gorgeous at the same time.

These are totally handmade, and 100% unique. There’s nothing like it on the market: a stable, compact, all-inclusive firelighter that lights with a spark!

They also look much prettier sitting on the mantelpiece than any other alternatives, which usually come in one shape and your choice of colour, so long as it’s brown.

Each wax, cotton and wood fire lighter cube has the capacity for over 5 mins of strong burn, with up to 10 minutes burn overall. That’s enough to resist cold or even evaporate surface moisture from your fuel. You will find it easy to ignite kindling or even coal in even cold and miserable conditions, often using only one well-placed firelighter.


Break one firelighter open, tease out some cotton from the centre and it’s ready. A single spark into the soft, wispy cotton innards sets the whole business alight in seconds.



300g (approx. 48 hearts) – £12

Handmade heart-shaped firelighters in an array of colours ranging from white to pink to red to purple.

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Deluxe hert-shaped fire lighters
300g bag of deluxe fire lighters (hearts), front and rear view

Prices do not include postage, which will be added in your cart. Shape availability differs from season to season. Please enquire directly for special shape requests, bulk orders or stockist enquiries.