How Our Fire Lighters Work

Fire Burn Good make unique handmade fire lighters that are water resistant but light with a spark. These are available with our fire lighting kits, but we can also make fire lighters in an array of shapes and colours if you would like to light your fire in style.

Each fire lighter is a single cotton ball enclosed in a shield of wax and wood shavings. Until you break one open and ‘prime’ it by drawing out some of that cotton it will remain resistant to water and will not ignite as readily as some fire lighters can.

Once primed, however, our all-in-one fire lighters are unique in that you can light them with a spark to produce a robust flame that lasts for over 5 minutes AND produces a hot ‘coal’ at its centre which can last even longer.

Shop now for standard firelighting kits for survival and camping or gorgeous firelighters for use at home or in the garden or visit our blog for free fire lighting and survival hints and tips.